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Messenger Xpress - Messenger Invoicing/Reporting System

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We have been building powerful, useful and easy-to-use systems since 1979. We solve problems that others just walk away from and use the newest and best technologies for the task at hand.

We specialize in Very Large Data Bases (VLDB). Our database engine is the fastest and most powerful available. Our software can handle incredible amounts of data and yet perform complex queries in sub-second times.

We also pride our software for being intuitive and easy to use. You can sit down and use it immediately, without any manual or training.

Our software is also useful. It will solve a problem or make your work go easier and faster. It is software that you will be glad that you have; software with an unconditional guarentee


Our software is capable of handling hundreds of terabytes (trillions of bytes) and billions of records. It is scalable from a single computer to servers handling 500,000 simultaneous users and tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Intuitive - easy to use

It is also software that is truely easy and even fun to use. It is software that seems natural and understandable. that is because it works the way that you do. It does not force you to change your way of doing things. It does not force you to learn a different way.

It also is forgiving. You can not make a mistake without really trying to. You can not accidentally do anything wrong.

Useful - really worth having

Our goal is software that will make your life easier and help to make you and your business more successful. It is software that is worth having. Guaranteed.

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