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Online Messengers

Messenger Xpress - Online Messenger System
Process licenses and registrations easily and quickly It is multi-user, networkable and secure (user passwords, etc). It also gives you many useful reports and graphs to grow your business and become more profitable

Sales and Marketing

LeadsXpress - Customer Leads Generation Software
Build your business with better leads, more effective marketing, customer satisfaction and better information. This is your all-purpose complete sales. marketing and business information system.

List Wizard - List Maintenance Software
Clean and update your databases (names, leads, customers, mailing lists, etc) while preserving all of your current information. Add new information, demographics, etc. Then be able to look anyone up by their name, address, phone number or any other field that you select.

eOp - (available soon)


Hacker Intrusion System - Real-Time Detection and Identification System.


RxXpress - Prescription Monitoring System

RxPen - Drug Recall Monitoring and Notification System

For Personal Use

Link Wizard - Link Library and Home Page Builder
Build your own Library of Internet Links. Organize and document all those links that you run across in the newspapers, magazines, on tv and on other sites. Then automatically write them out to create your own html (browser home) pages. Have thousands of good web sites at your fingertips. Find anything and everything - in a snap.

eMail Wizard - Portable Email Address Manager
Organize all your Contacts and Email Addresses to your browser's home page. It puts your names, addresses at your fingertips. Put it on a floppy and take it with you to work. Always have your address book available. Email anyone, anytime. It can also pull them from Outlook, Act and many other sources.

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